Winter Schola - Saturday, March 11, 2017

Event details

Shire of Barren Sands is pleased to present a Winter Schola featuring hands on classes in fabric arts, illumination, cooking, games, performing arts, how to conduct research and knowledge (technique) classes in heavy weapons and archery.  Please join us and reconnect with friends.  Please contact the Class Autocrat Lady Svea if you have interest in teaching a class.

Heavy Weapons Fighting Marshall: Master Erhart Von Stuttgart, OP

Fencing/Rapier Marshall: Don Thomas del Bruc, OGR

General Schedule of the Day

Please Check the centerfold for specific class times

10:00 Classes start

11:00 Lists open

12:00 Dayboard opens

Please keep all the food in the Hall of

12:30 Arts and Sciences Consultations in the Hall

2:00 Dayboard closes in the Hall, remains open in the field

3:00 Last classes start

All those still here when the site closes have graciously volunteered to help clean up! Thank You!

Most classes are in the sanctuary. A few are in the far end of the Hall or in other areas.

Because this site does not have closed classrooms, please be sensitive to noise levels. Keep voices down in the class areas so teachers can be heard.

Message for Parents:

While classes are generally appropriate for older children, some are not. Please do not hesitate to ask teachers if the class is child friendly

before you bring the child with you to either a class yo the other building

As at any SCA event, children must be supervised by parents at all times.

A changing table is available in the church’s “cry room” off the sanctuary. That room also contains a small play area for very young children.

Please note: The Playground outside the church is NOT part of our site rental. It belongs to the other building and is OFF LIMITS to us.


The books on the Orphan table are free to a good home.

ARTS & SCIENCES Artisans who wish to display their work may do so. This is a display not a competition.

Artisans wishing to talk about their projects are encouraged to attend the kingdom A&S Consultation table between 12:30 and 1:30.

Basket Making

Lady Appolonia Alikonis

10:00 in the Hallway

Because hands on basket weaving is a messy business, this class will take place in the un-carpeted hallway. Note that this is a 2 hour class.

Beginning Embroidery

Lady Anna Vitalis

11:00 Area B

An introduction to basic stitches. Materials will be provided to learn Running, Blanket, Stem, Chain and other stitches as time allows.

Beginning Weaving, aka “So I bought this loom…”

THL Mikael “Kael” McCue, OM, OSC

1:00 area D

An Over view of the basics for getting started weaving. Instructor will talk about different styles of weaving,

some of the commonly used terminology and some not always mentioned tricks of the trade. He will also walk through setting

up a loom for weaving and how to start. Students will be given the chance to practice on some looms.

Bringing Your Research Into Academia

Lady Jane Milford

2:00 area D

Have you ever considered taking your SCA research and bringing it to the “mundane” academic community?

The path is not for the faint of heart, but this class will at least give you a map. Critical thinking skills

apply to your research will be discussed.

Construction of a Florentine Sottana for Beginners

Lady Kataryn Mercer

3:00 area A

How to use Margo Anderson’s Italian Renaissance Lady’s Wardrobe pattern to construct a Florentine Sottana.

This class is appropriate for those who are new to 16th century Italian fashion, or are otherwise unable to

draft/drape their own pattern. We will cover techniques for working with this pattern, tips based on my experience

using both this pattern and custom drafted patterns, and ways to make this pattern more period correct.

The Crusade: How We Got There

Sir Gui Avec Cheval de Guise

3:00 area C

A discussion of the Crusades.

Researching Medieval Food

Lady Judith Bas Rabbi Mendel

10:00 area D

Does learning about medieval foods and how to make them seem overwhelming? Join us for a discussion

of how to tackle the background and experimental research. Learn about redacting recipes. Share with us

what you have learned; suggestions on how to move ahead.

East Kingdom A&S Consultation

Mistress Elsyabeth Underhill and Mistress Brunissende Dragonette

12:30 in the Hall

This is a chance for artisans to get feedback on their A&S projects & documentation. We can talk informally

with you about your project, offering our general thoughts and advice, or, we can provide you with a more structured

sample walk-through of your project based off the kingdom rubric and judging process that we use at A&S Champions.

If you cannot chat during the schedule time at the event but wish feedback, please e-mail and we will

arrange another time to talk.

Fiore de’I Liberi and the 2-Handed Sword

Lord Lorenzo Goria

2:00 area C or the field, depending on the weather

An introduction to the guards of Fiore de’I Liberi.

Materials: 2-handed sword, gloves, mask

Food and Cooking

Master Galefridus Peregrinus, OP

3:00 in the kitchen

Did you ever wonder why couscous is round? Play time in the kitchen with Master Galefridus and his collection

of cookware. This is a cooking as experimental archaeology.


Lady Alexis of the Woods End and Lord Urho of the Pines, Gareth Urhoson, Paz Urhoson and Ducky Urhosdottir

11:00 in the Hall

Come and play a bevy of board games hosted by the Woods End Family. Plenty of “New” variations, as well as

traditional, will be available throughout the day. Stop by at your leisure for a match of chess, backgammon or

mancala. Try your hand at Shogi or Go. Games for all ages and all ages are welcome.

Garbing a Gentlewomen

Lady Kataryn Mercer

10:00 area A

An introduction to 16th century upper class lady’s fashion in Florence, Italy. We will review the garments that

make up a well-dressed lady’s wardrobe, as well as discuss sources of information for patterning and sewing your own.

Going Buggy

Lady Svea the Short-sighted, OM, OSC

3:00 area B Class limit 10, auditors welcome

Realistic depictions of insects in the margins of manuscripts and how to add them to award scrolls. Materials provided.

How to Approach Historical Martial Studies

Lord Lorenzo Goria

10:00 area C

How do we approach a late-period fighting manual? What are the popular mistakes beginners make?

How to play Tarot, the card game

Baroness Mari-Clock van Hoorne, OSC

2:00 area B

Tarot card games are played with cards that originated in 15th century Italy. The desk was not used for

fortune telling until the 1580s. The basic rules to the game variously called “Tarot”, “Tartock”or “Tarocco”

appear about 1425.

Introduction to German Brick Stitch

Lady Elizabeth Marshall, OM, OSC

1:00 area A

Learn about the counted canvas technique used in period primarily for pillows, boxes and bags, but also found on other pieces.

Kit will include materials to make one motif which could be used as a favor or scissors tab, using 24 count canvas and silk and

linen threads. In class we will work with one of the simpler patterns and other patterns will be provided. Don’t be afraid of the

word “Counted” – if you can count to four you can do this pattern.

Class limit 8 hands on (auditors welcome, but “kit students” will be preference of attention.)

Kit fee $3 to reimburse instructor for materials is requested, not required. Basic embroidery skills preferred,

but if you are new to embroidery, let me know and we’ll work with it.

Introduction to the Winter’s Tale

Lady Guinevere of St. Kilda

2:00 area A

This great but lesser known play among Shakespeare’s works is all about the women, women of all ages; babies, maiden, wife, crone.

Lampwork Glass Beads: Demonstration and Historical Overview

Lady Aibhilin inghean Ui Phaidin and Mistress Elisabeth (Lissa) Underhill

2:00 in the Hall

The class will start with an overview of the history of glass beads, including a discussion of how early period beads were made.

We will then discuss beads from specific cultures, focusing primarily on Medieval Irish and Anglo-Saxon beads, though images and

examples of beads from other early period cultures will also be available. Different bead types and designs will be shown, ad the

social meaning of glass beads and how they were worn in those cultures will be discussed. We will have our own projects and

documentation to share with the class, and you will get a chance to hold, fondle and wear the beads. The class will conclude

with a lampworking demonstration.

The Martebo Sack: the Ultimate Shopping Accessory

Lady Genevieve Bertholet

1:00 area B Handout limit 20

In use from at least the 13th century, the Martebo sack (or market wallet or fassing) is an easy construct double sack that hangs

over one’s shoulder (or one’s equine hauler). Essentially a long tube.

Murder and Death in Auld Scotland

11:00 area C

Shooting the Japanese Longbow: A Hands on Demonstration of the Thumb Draw

Kamejima Takauji

3:00 area D

Compiled by Lord Goda Katsunage of Atlantia will be available to all who attend. A brief discussion of the history of the Japenese

Yumi followed by a hands on demonstration and opportunity to practice the Thumb Draw. There will be no firing of the bow. The Yumi

for this demonstration is 22KG, equivalent to 46.5 pounds. Even if you are unable to pull it, you are free to watch.

Smocking - Basic Stitches

Lady Constance Beauchamp

1:00 area C class limit 8

Learn the basics and foundation stitches for smocking. Pre-pleated fabric, needle, thread and handout provided.

So You Want to Research: Now What?

Lady Jane Milford

11:00 area D

If you’re just starting out in research, this class will help you figure out what you want your topic to be, different

topics that will “feed” into yours, and affordable ways to conduct said research.

Very Basic Introduction to Kumihimo

Kamejima Takauji-dono

10:00 area B class limit 6

Learn a very basic pattern to start your adventure into the Japenese Art of Braiding. A small discussion about supplies followed

by a hands on teaching. There will be room for 6 individuals to start and take home their project. First come, first serve.

Web Minister Hour


aron Mael Eoin macEchuld

11:00 area A

Come chat about technology in the SCA, ask questions about the kingdom’s online services or just see some of what the Kingdom’s many

groups have to offer online in this session. Ideal for group Webministers or Deputy Webministers, or any officer who might want or

need to put information online. Depending on network connectivity, we can also set up or help with East Kingdom wiki pages for anyone

who wants one.

Site Opens: 8:30 am

Event Location

Pennsville Assembly of God 328 N Broadway Pennsville, NJ  08070 Please use Google Map

The event site is accessible per the East Kingdom Accessibility Porter's Checklist

Parking is available in front and behind the church.


Registration Fees

Registration: $15 Adult Non-Member

$10 Adult (Must show Blue Card at Gate)

$5 Youth (Ages 7 through 17)

Free for Youth Under the Age of 7

Dayboard is included in the registration fee.

Make Checks Payable to: SCA NJ Inc., Shire of Barren Sands


Contact Information

Autocrat: Lady Anna Vitalis, Cheryl Vitale Phone: 856-678-8156

Class Autocrat: Lady Svea the Short Sighted, Constance Swanson

Dayboard: Lady Guenevere of Saint Kilda, Susan Lothian

Send Reservations to: Lady Genevieve Bertholet, Pam Saunders 9 E Faunce Landing Road, Absecon NJ 08201

Pre-Registration is due by March 1st.

Site is dry.

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