The Shire of Barren Sands

Urho of the Pines

Urho of the Pines

AoA - Award of Arms -AoA- AS 27
Companion of the Sagittarius -Sag- AS 29
Queen's Order of Courtesy -QOC- AS 32
Companion of Artemis -Artimus- AS 43
Master Bowman -MB- AS 28
Grand Master Bowman -GBM- AS 29
King's Archery Champion - AS 31
Queen's Archery Champion - AS 36
King's Archery Champion - AS 41
King's Archery Champion - AS 43

Cureently Serving as:
For the East Kingdom:
Lt. at Large: Archery Marshal
East Kingdon Drop Dead Combat Archery Commandar
MIT Youth Combat

For the Shire of Barren Sands:
Captain of Archers
Knight Marshal - short while only
Web Minister

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